CLP prepared to distribute relief to char-dwellers affected by recent flooding

Posted on: 24 August, 2014 Posted in:
Flooding photo 1

Recent heavy rains have caused high levels of flooding in the char regions of North West Bangladesh.

Last week, CLP’s implementing organisations (IMOs) were authorised to use CLP staff and boats to carry out rescue operations where necessary. This will ensure affected core and non-core char households, along with their livestock and other belongings can reach higher ground. CLP has remained in close contact with IMOs over the weekend, who have been closely monitoring the situation and providing regular updates to CLP headquarters.

A Flood Relief Package has been agreed, comprising essential food and household items and staff are on standby to distribute this relief package to households if the situation deteriorates.

CLP will be conducting its own assessments of areas that are at flood risk or already affected, after which a decision will be made about whether to distribute the flood relief package.

CLP has responded to flooding in previous years, with the largest relief effort carried out in 2007. During that flood, water levels were the highest ever recorded on the chars.  CLP took action immediately and implemenVerification of HH_keeping assets safeted emergency assistance to protect households. A support package of food aid was distributed in two rounds: the first round lasted for three days and supported 119,483 families. The relief package included chira (puffed rice), molasses, candles, matches and water purifying tablets. This was followed by a seven-day package which supported 128,950 families and included items such as rice, salt, oral rehydration solutions and soap. The estimated cost of this relief operation was Tk. 13,500,000 (around £1 million).

Since 2007, CLP has used the height of the 2007 flood when building plinths for char households. Plinths are raised two feet (60 cm) above this level, which provides safety and protection to beneficiaries and their families during annual flooding.  CLP plinths also provide a valuable lifeline to other community members who can use the plinths when flooding forces them to move to higher ground.  Here, they can keep their family and their assets, such as livestock, safe.

This year, CLP is hoping that the floods will not worsen.  However, staff are continuing to monitor the situation and are ready to take action as soon as it becomes necessary.