CLP starts to verify new intake of households to receive CLP support package

Posted on: 14 August, 2014 Posted in:
Maksud Hannan, Innovation, Monitoring, Learning and Communications Manager interviews a husband of a potential participant during Verification

CLP’s partner implementing organisations (IMOs) have recently selected core participant households (at least 12,564 households) for the sixth cohort, or intake, of extreme poor households.  These households will receive CLP’s core package of support from the end of September 2014.  Support will last until March 2016.

These households have been selected by experienced staff from the implementing organisations using the following criteria:

 –       have been living on the char for at least 6 months

–       have no ownership or access to land

–       must not own more than two goats/sheep, or 10 fowl or one shared cow

–       not be receiving cash/ asset grants from another programme

–       have no regular source of income

–       be willing to attend weekly group meetings for 18 months.

CLP headquarter and district staff have been busy during July verifying a sample (5-7.5%) of these partner-selected households.  The objective of this verification process is to limit the risk of inclusion and exclusion error and to reduce the chance of leakage.

Joint teams of headquarter and district staff randomly select a sample of households from a list provided by each IMO. These households are then visited to check they do actually meet the selection criteria.  During verification, spouses, neighbours and relatives can also be interviewed as a method of cross-checking information.

If a significant error rate is found, the IMO may be asked to recheck the sample.  Likewise, if a verification visit raises suspicions over the inclusion of a household, IMOs can be asked to undertake a re-selection of all households.  These measures entail substantial costs for IMOs, which discourages attempts to overestimate participant numbers.  This procedure plays the dual role of both identifying and deterring leakage.

To find out more on the verification, watch CLP’s Team Leader, Mat Pritchard’s, video on his experience of verification.

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