ASEAB and the Center for Zakat Management sign agreement to continue offering health services in chars

Posted on: 13 December, 2015 Posted in:
CZM Newspiece

CLP has provided much-needed health services in the north-west chars of Bangladesh through its primary health care and family planning project since 2010. This has translated into 32,000 day-long health clinics, over 1.9 million consultations, and a network of 1,350 community health workers.

Although this support is critical for the populations living in under-served chars, it is unsustainable after CLP support ends within the village (normally around 18 months). This is why CLP has been lobbying other service providers from the NGO, private and Government sectors to step in. There have been some notable successes. For example in 2012, BRAC agreed to expand their health activities into CLP villages as CLP’s support ended. BRAC is now working in 423 of CLP’s 640 villages.

More recently, CLP, through its Partnerships Division, has been successful in bringing additional health resources to the chars. On 30 November 2015, an agreement was signed between ASEAB and the Center for Zakat Management (CZM) at the Maxwell Stamp Ltd office in Gulshan. The partnership aims to continue health clinics in the Pabna chars after CLP ends.

ASEAB is one of CLP’s partner implementing organisations and has vast experience working in the chars. CZM is a registered foundation mandated to implement strategies for poverty alleviation in Bangladesh. CZM’s source of funding is Zakat, an alms-giving or Islamic tax that is collected from both companies and individuals.

Through this partnership, ASEAB will be able to continue running satellite health clinics in the Pabna chars for an additional three years, benefiting an estimated 17,000 people. Services will include health care awareness, treatment and a referral service. The total cost of the project will be Taka 10 million (GBP 85,339). CZM will contribute Taka 7.5 million (GBP 64,000); ASEAB will contribute the balance.

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