CLP relief efforts targets over 15,000 households

CLP’s emergency flood relief work has so far reached 10,935 households and is targeted to reach 15,225 households by the end of the relief phase

1Since CLP began its relief operations last week, flooding in the North West of the country has continued to worsen. In response to this, on 29 August and 1 September, CLP was authorised to support a further 6,375 households, both core and non-core participants, to receive its Flood Support Package. In the first round of relief, 8,850 households were reached by the relief operations.

Relief efforts continue to target those most in need, especially households whose plinths have been submerged by the floods. To ensure the efficient and accurate distribution of relief items, CLP has been working with the implementing organisations: Zibika, MJSKS, Solidarity, ESDO, AKOTA, RSDA, Aid Comilla, GUK, NDP, US and MMS under its Flood Support Package activities.

Over the weekend CLP headquarter staff visited some of the most affected areas and spoke with char-dwellers who had received aid. One CLP participant, Shahina from Jamalpur, was forced to move away from her home as it became severely flooded. She and her family moved to another house with only a few of their possessions. Shahina expressed her joy that, due to her relief package, she can now provide a good meal to her three children. Hasna Banu, a 52 year old women from Kurigram spoke of her situation and the help CLP provided her, “My house has been under water for the last 13 days. Nobody came to help me and my family except for you. Allah will bless you.”

2The Additional District Commissioner (Revenue) from Jamalpur District (seen in the center of the picture) commented on CLP’s relief works. He said, “You are doing really well and deserve thanks for reaching those really in need with a relief package, immediately after the floods hit.”

CLP is still continuing to monitor the situation with full cooperation from its IMOs in the field. If any further relief response is required, CLP will take the necessary action.