Matthew Pritchard

Team Leader

Mr Pritchard’s development experience began in Ethiopia during the early 1990s as a science / technical editor and communications consultant, after which he moved into project management and business development.  He worked in a number of different roles over the next few years, taking up his first Team Leadership position on an Australian Aid-funded Governance Facility in the Philippines in 2004.  He also acted as both Deputy Team Leader and Team Leader on scholarships programmes in Africa between 2008 and 2011, after which he returned to the UK to study towards a Post-Graduate Certificate in Evaluation from the University of Melbourne.  After some short consulting work with IFAD writing a manual on organisational and institutional strengthening, and also reviewing project management arrangements, he was appointed as the Director of Innovation, Monitoring and Learning for the CLP, joining in June 2013.  He was then promoted to the CLP Team Leader’s role in April 2014.  He is delighted to be working with such a good team and helping to reduce extreme poverty for very vulnerable populations in NW Bangladesh.