Mahfujun Nabi

Dr. Md. Mahfujun Nabi

District Markets and Livelihoods Officer

Dr. Md. Mahfujun Nabi has joined the CLP in April 2013 as a District Markets and Livelihoods Officer (DMLO) under the Markets and Livelihoods Unit. He has about six years of work experience in the fields of rural livelihoods and markets development in different national & international organizations. Over the years he had experienced to manage different partner organizations/CBOs & implementing best practices, conducted specialized training and issue based workshop, quality inputs supply, and net working with Govt. NGOs & private sectors. His primary areas of expertise are developed women leaded small holder dairy farmer, developed value chain, making markets work for poor (M4P approaches), develop different training materials to make the training effective.

Mahfuj obtained DVM (Doctors of Veterinary Medicine) from Hajee Mohammad Danesh Science & Technology University and Masters of Business Administration from Southeast University, Banani, Dhaka.