Dr. AKM Enamul Haque

Milk Market Development Officer

A.K.M. Enamul Haque has joined the CLP as a District Markets and Livelihoods Officer at Kurigram DIstrict. He has over six years of working experience in different national and international development organizations in the field of livelihoods development, Zoonosis and capacity building, food security, marketing approach- M4P/M4C, staff supervision, project planning and management and value chain assessment. Before joining the current position, he worked as a Veterinarian in a programme of FAO of the United Nations and Livelihoods Development supervisor in CLP.

Dr. Enamul obtained DVM (Doctor of Veterinary Medicine) degree from Sylhet Agricultural University along with an MSc in Microbiology from HSTU, Dinajpur and Diploma in Computer science and ICT from institute of ICT, Bogra, Bangladesh.