Dr. Md. Ashequl Islam

District Markets and Livelihoods Officer

DR. Ashequl Islam joined the CLP as District Markets and Livelihoods Officer at Gaibangha on 6th March 2013. He has about six years working experience in the field of TNA (Training Need Assessment) preparation, livestock training module preparation,  livestock training, milk-meat hygiene training, products value chain training, group market initiative,  agriculture training, animal Husbandry management, animal treatment, IGA (income generating activity) selection, analysis and implementation, livelihoods development in char and main land, ,market analysis and linkage establishment. Before joining CLP he worked in different organisations namely, RDRS Bangladesh, GUK-Bogra of WFP, PMUK of WFP.

DR. Ashequl Islam got his DVM (Doctor of Veterinary Medicine) Degree from Sylhet Agricultural University.