New Access to Finance Case Study!

Posted on: 8 June, 2016
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Despite significant and breakthrough work in pioneering access to finance (A2F) for the poor in Bangladesh, such services remain scarce in remote locations such as the chars. Traditionally, financial actors have been unwilling to extend their services to the chars due to high transaction costs, lack of information and poor intermediation functions. This left char… Continue Reading

Temporary migration because of the floods: a thing of the past for Joyena Begum

Posted on: 29 July, 2015

Annual flooding can be incredibly disruptive; particularly if you’re an extreme poor household living on the riverbed of one of Bangladesh’s mighty rivers such as the Jamuna. Households have no choice but to temporarily leave their homestead in search of shelter on higher ground or in flood shelters; both of which are likely to be… Continue Reading

Anwara Begum : CLP raised plinth providing essential protection during the floods

Posted on: 11 September, 2014


Case studies 1

Posted on: 27 March, 2014